Archaeology and the planning process

A bit old but still has all the relevant legislation and steps involved in planning process and its interaction with archaeology

The Many Lives Of Castlefarm

Aidan O’Connell, an excavation director with Archaeological Consultancy Services Ltd (ACS Ltd), reports on prehistoric and medieval sites currently being excavated at Castlefarm, Co. Meath.

The Elusive Iron Age

Aidan O’Connell, excavation director with Archaeological Consultancy Services Ltd, reports on the excavation of a unique post enclosure at Lismullin, Co. Meath, which was recently declared a National Monument.

Roestown 2

New Routes to the Past: Archaeology and the National Roads Authority Monograph Series No. 4

ISBN 978-0-9545955-3-1/ ISSN 1649-3540

Edited by Jerry O’Sullivan and Michael Stanley, this monograph contains the proceedings of a seminar on recent archaeological discoveries on national road schemes held in the Chester Beatty Library in August 2006.

Read more: Roestown 2

Collierstown - Medieval Archaelogy

Medieval Archaeology, vol. 52, 2008, p. 367-373

Excavation at Church Road and the early monastic fondation at Lusk

The village of Lusk is located approximately four miles north of Swords on the Dublin to Skerries road. It is perhaps best known as the site of an early medieval monastic foundation, reputedly founded during the 5th century AD by the saint MacCuillinn, whose obit was recorded in the Annals of Ulster in AD 496 or 498 (AU 498).

Other Publications

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In 2009, Archer Heritage Planning provided short information articles on the heritage and archaeology of Fingals towns and villages for the Fingal Independant.

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